2623-A Euclid Ave

Wenatchee, WA, 98801

August 1, 2023


Dear Valued Customer,

We are writing to inform you of an important development regarding your internet service. Effective August 1, 2023, we are excited to announce that Aspeedynet, your current internet service provider, is being acquired by 509Fiber, a leading internet service provider in the region. This change in ownership will bring new opportunities and enhanced services for you, our valued customer.

At Aspeedynet, we have always strived to provide reliable and high-quality internet services to our customers. By joining forces with 509Fiber, we are confident that you will continue to receive even better experiences and broader connectivity options to meet your needs.

509Fiber shares our commitment to exceptional customer service and technological innovation. They have a strong reputation for delivering fast, reliable, and cutting-edge internet solutions to residential and business customers throughout the area. We believe that this acquisition will bring a range of benefits to you as a valued customer of Aspeedynet.

With this change, you can continue to rely on prompt and knowledgeable customer support, as both Aspeedynet and 509Fiber are committed to ensuring your satisfaction and addressing any inquiries or concerns you may have.

As we move forward with this transition, rest assured that there will be no disruption to your current service. Your existing service plan, contract terms, and pricing will remain unchanged unless otherwise communicated to you directly.

We understand that you may have questions or require additional information about this transition. Our dedicated customer support team will be available to assist you every step of the way. You can reach us at the following contact information:

Aspeedynet Customer Support:

Phone: 509-667-2413


509Fiber Customer Support:

Phone: 509-434-9011

Email: info@509fiber.com


We genuinely appreciate your continued support and trust in us as your internet service provider. The acquisition by 509Fiber marks an exciting chapter in our journey, and we are committed to ensuring a smooth transition for you.

Thank you for being a valued customer. We look forward to serving you with even greater resources and opportunities in the future.



Dennis Guthrie




James Fromm




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