Welcome to Aspeedynet, Inc

Aspeedynet is one of Grant County's largest Internet Service Provider (ISP). We provide high-speed wireless and fiber optic internet services. Our networks, which are updated with the latest wireless technology, promise a superior performance.

You don't need any equipment or a phone line to experience our uninterrupted web browsing services. We are powered by Grant County’s PUD’s fiber network, which strengthens our commitment to providing a safe and reliable internet delivery. 

Why Choose Us

Aspeedynet, Inc

Streaming availability.

Aspeedynet, Inc

Latest wireless technology.

Aspeedynet, Inc

Customized services.

Aspeedynet, Inc

Affordable prices.

Aspeedynet is a pioneer when it comes to embracing the latest technology.

Our Specialty

Aspeedynet, Inc

Wide Experience

Established in 2003, our internet services cater to large households, besides businesses and corporate companies. What sets us apart is the streaming availability of the latest video services such as Netflix. Through our network, you can experience not just Netflix, but also various other popular media streaming services.

Aspeedynet, Inc

Excellent Customer Service

For us, customer service is not a mundane exercise, but an enriching experience. At Aspeedynet, we listen to you, learn from you, and respond to your queries in time. It is not a chatbot that responds to you but a real person, giving you prompt service.


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