We build to suit your needs

Global Computer Services in Wenatchee, can build custom computers to suit your needs. We specialise in a wide variety of computers that can fit almost any situation, weather it be powerfull gaming platform P.C's, or office and productivity machines, to full servers and network intergration, we do it all. We are always working with the latest in technology to deliver the fastest and most reliable products. Give us a call today (509)667-2413

Products Outline

Custom Servers

Office Networking

Gaming Computers

OS Install

Virus/Spyware Removal

Custom Wireless Routers

Home Computers

Linux/Windows Solutions
Aspeedynet and Global Computers work together to bring the best solutions for your needs.

Virus's and spyware are some of those most annoying and also major contributers to slow downs on your computer. Global Computers has qualified techs that can remove these pests and get your computer running. Early warning signs often include slowdowns on the computer, popup screens with advertisments while surfing, or changing of your default homepage or search engine.

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Have you reciently purchased a new computer and want to move all of your old documents, music and pictures to your new one? We can help! We can transfer documents from your laptop on your desktop to your new computer. Call us today