Aspeedynet has been providing service to Grant County since November 2003.

Wireless B/G/N Routers

Aspeedynet can provide wireless routers for an additional cost of $99.00 per router, the routers we use are multimeda streaming friendly.
What We Offer

Aspeedynet offers Highspeed Wireless and Fiber Optic internet services.

  Firewall Protection at Core Router
  POP3 and Web Based Email Access
  Static IP Address (Available Upon Request)
  Home/Business/Corporate Internet Access
  Access to NETFLIX and streaming media
  Online game play
  Powered by GCPUD Fiber Optics
       Latest News

  2/1/15 - PUD Wireless Internet Provider
  8/1/14 - New Speed Packages available
  8/1/14 - Increased Bandwidth Backhaul
  8/15 - Upgrading George Internet Services
Main Features

Aspeedynet is one of Grant County's Largest Internet Service Providers

  No equipment to buy
  Does not require a phone line
  Online bill pay
  Works with NETFLIX
Welcome to ASPEEDYNET        
(509) 667-2413
Our networks use the latest wireless technology for superior performance
       Service Areas

  Quincy/Ephrata/Moses Lake/Othello
  Marine View Heights/ Frenchman Hills
  Crescent Bar/ Sunserra Resort
  Outlying Areas in Grant Co.
  More coming soon
                               SAVE MONEY!

$55.00/mo -Fiber Internet-
$55.00/mo -Wireless Internet-
Aspeedynet works with Global Computer Services to assist with networking and spyware removal.